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Real Estate is the foundation of the wealth. Owning real estate will allow us to have true financial freedom. To use real estate as a stepping stone to build successful businesses, clear debt, or send our children to college. Tiers of success is 1. Education 2. Financial Literacy 3. Real Estate THEN 4. starting a business. If we collectively work in the order, we can protect our communities from gentrification. Today is your opportunity to build generational wealth and black economics enroll into the  AFFORDABLE real estate investor course.✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

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Business Solution Memberships

Enhancing slCareer Studio Entrepreneurial Center by offering business advice and business solution memberships. Expertise in starting, growing, & scaling a business. Services include business model, business plan, register business name, funding, EIN, DUNS, web design, logo, project management, nonprofit sector – 501(c)3, partnership, marketing, contracting, sponsorship, and advising startups. The membership subscription has many perks like the buddy pass, workshop passes, discounts for digital products.

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Throughout the the last 4 years we have curated many workshops about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Due to the pandemic we learn to pivot our business events to expand our reach and safely educate the community. Our commitment to educate black entrepreneurs remain the same always will no matter what state of the world is. We’re excited to announce our very first Digital Summit – REAL ESTATE PLAN FOR SUCCESS. A 2 day summit on June 12-13 about how to invest in real estate without money or credit. Fix & Flip. #RealEstateTalk


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Thank you for all that you’re doing in the community.

Daphne ColbertCity of Jacksonville Project Manager

I enjoyed my conversation about the goals of slCareer Studio and learning about the Career Coach roles in the fashion industry. Her advice was well tailored and highly appreciated.

Thanks again!

Octavia OliverFashion Designer

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