Real Estate Talk | Black Friday Sale

Systemic inequality of gentrification, & exclusion is rapidly taking place in our communities. To protect our people from displacement we have to own our communities. Investing in real estate will allow us to obtain financial freedom, BUY BACK THE BLOCK, build generational wealth, and black economics. You do not need to have a real estate license to become a real estate investor! Becoming a real estate investor can provide you with funding to start a successful business, clear debt, send your children to college, start a family trust fund, but most of all DISRUPT GENTRIFICATION! But first, you must get educated about real estate. For that reason, slCareer Studio has decided to add real estate educational tools to our Digital Network For Success.



SALE: $49.99 | 30% OFF
Regular Price: $69.99

Buy Back The Block
✓ Intro To Real Estate
✓ 6 Property Funnels
✓ Type of Real Estate
✓ Free Property
✓ $1 Property
✓ Affordable Property Under $1000
✓ Property To Rehab
✓ Earn Interest On Property
✓ Become a Landlord
✓ 1st Time Homeowner
✓ Checklist
✓ 30 Min Complimentary Consultation 



SALE: $55.99 | 30% OFF
Regular Price: $79.99

30 mins | Real Estate Investment Consultation
✓ Consultation Zoom or Via Phone
✓ Property List w/NO Consultation
✓ Property List w/Consultation
✓ Roadmap How To Build Business
✓ Funding Requirements
✓ Personalized Deal Searching
✓ Real Estate Market Research
✓ Contractors
✓ Rehab Cost
✓ Basic Deal Analysis
✓ Action Plan
✓ Negotiation
✓ Title Company Recommendation




Real Estate Course

SALE: $500.00 | 80% OFF
Regular Price: $2999

Flip AS IS Property
✓ Start Date Dec 7th-16th
✓ Class 1 Tue-Thur: 10a-12p EST
✓ Class 2 Tue-Thur: 6p-9p EST
✓ Flip Without Money
✓ Flip Without Using Credit
✓ FREE License Realtor Class
✓ Discount Bundle Package
✓ No Rehab Cost
✓ 9 Contracts 
✓ Learn 4 Real Estate Software
✓ Analyze Deals
✓ Marketing
✓ Live Instructor
✓ Negotiation
✓ Hire A Team

Pay Now

Payment Plan

The course price DO NOT include the software’s. Each student must SAVE an additional $200 for the software’s. The course is held ONLINE ONLY starting the week of Dec 7th until Dec 16th students can choose the morning OR evening session. *The course does not include Airbnb*

Want to Become a license realtor?

Now we are offering a class to become a LICENSE REALTOR! Thanks to the collaboration with Occupy Real Estate School!

Price: $319.99

What’s included in the class?

Start Date Jan 23rd-28th
Start Date Feb 28th-Mar 21st
63 Required Hours
Virtual Class w/Live Instructor Online Live Class
Real Estate Textbook
Private Facebook Group
Payment Plan Option

Black real estate investor black contractor
September 6, 2020 Real Estate Investor Ki-era Groover with a Contractor

Real Estate TALK Live on Facebook

Every 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:30pm EST on Facebook LIVE join the discussion about the real estate industry. #RealEstateTalk