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Forex Partnership

Partnership with RCB Forex and slCareer Studio to educate urban communities about financial literacy. Implementing a reentry & vocational financial literacy program for offenders. Our mission is to reduce the recidivism rate with slCareer Studio financial literacy crime prevention theory. To strengthen urban areas & turn around the lives of ex-offenders. Making previously incarcerated citizens valuable to society. Life is about making an impact❣️


Business Consultation

Enhancing slCareer Studio Entrepreneurial Center by offering business advice. Partnering with Artisan Yoga CEO Ari Coleman and Concierge Resource Professional Consultants CEO Therese W. Gamble. Business experts in project management, leadership development, marketing, business law, and Accounting, faith-based organizations, nonprofit sector – 501(c)3, event coordinator, coach startups, and contracting with large corporations.

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Upcoming Events

slCareer Studio networking events consist of entrepreneurship and financial literacy resources. The Business Party series was establish in June of 2017. Every second Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida the Business Party is held at Wells Fargo Learning Center. #BusinessParty2k18 will kickoff on February 10, 2018. The financial literacy events focal points are Forex, cryptocurrency, credit repair, budgeting, and saving.

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