Workshops for Women’s Oil and Gas Companies

Funding Opportunity Title: Workshops for Promoting Womens Full Participation in Community Consultations with Oil and Gas Companies
Category of Funding Activity: Community Development Employment, Labor and Training
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Awards: $205,867
Deadline:  Mar 10, 2017
Description:  This is a new program via ENR aimed at increasing women’s participation in community consultations with oil and gas companies so they can represent their own needs and advocate for their share of revenue, jobs, and other benefits; and join in community decision-making processes. The program will support the following activities: training for women in communities that are the sites of planned oil or gas activity; identification and training of women from nearby communities who can return to those communities and train their peers; provision of training or other resources to adolescent girls in the community training designed to highlight their rights and to encourage future leadership; and delivery of training or other resources to men to emphasize the benefits to the whole community of women’s participation in consultations.
Funding Opportunity Number: ENAQ-ENRAQM-16-006


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