Trafficking in Persons

Funding Opportunity Title: Research and Evaluation on Trafficking in Persons
Category of Funding Activity: Law, Justice and Legal Services
Expected Number of Awards: 8
Awards: $4,000,000
Deadline:  Mar 17, 2017
Description: This solicitation seeks applications for funding for research and evaluation projects that will address the knowledge gaps related to trafficking in persons, with clear implications for criminal justice policy and practice in the United States. NIJ has been funding research on trafficking in persons for well over a decade, and particularly appreciates proposals mindfully developed to build off of and compliant existing research investments. The current NIJ portfolio of human trafficking research comprehensively addresses the crime through such focus areas as: scope, prevalence, and perpetration of the crime; effective criminal justice responses and challenges thereto; victimization experiences and how best to meet victim needs; and how best to reduce the demand for trafficking victims. Applicants should familiarize themselves with prior NIJ awards to address human trafficking and include relevant research in their literature review. For a summary of research projects on the subject of human trafficking, see
Funding Opportunity Number: NIJ-2017-11160



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