Safety, Health and Wellness in the Criminal Justice System

Funding Opportunity Title: Research and Evaluation in Safety, Health and Wellness in the Criminal Justice System
Category of Funding Activity: Law, Justice and Legal Services
Expected Number of Awards: 6
Awards: $4,500,000
Deadline: Mar 23, 2017
Description: The purpose of this solicitation is to promote multidisciplinary research in the area of safety, health, and wellness for the criminal justice community in support of the NIJ Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021. Applicants should submit proposals that address one of the three categories identified below. Application titles should clearly indicate the category proposed. Each category aligns with specific objectives within the Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategic Research Plan. Applicants should note that each category seeks to improve health and wellness in specific populations using different researcher strategies and goals. Category 1 seeks applicants using behavioral, psychological and physiological measures related to mental and physical health. Category 2 seek applicants to study the impact of the criminal justice system on families and child development. Category 3 seeks to address policy related to courts and the criminal justice system. Categories: 1) Causes and effects of stress and trauma on (a) law enforcement and corrections officers or (b) individuals in violent communities; 2) Impact of parental jail incarceration on children; and 3) The efficacy of services, strategies, policies and processes within the criminal or juvenile justice system that serve as responses to children exposed to violence
Funding Opportunity Number: NIJ-2017-11481


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