5 Things you MUST know BEFORE attending Victoria Secret hiring event!

  1. Have an updated RESUME (If possible focused on retail: selling or operation)
  2. Dress Code: PROFESSIONAL ALL BLACK. Hair pulled in a ponytail or bun. (Victoria Secret staff are usually dressed in all black.)
  3. Compensation: $10 an hour (This is average pay rate for sale associate with previous sales experience.)
  4. Know the ANSWERS to the following questions: Why do you want to work for Victoria Secret? Tell me about a time when you help an unhappy customer. What would you do if you saw a customer stealing? Tell me about a time where you had a goal to meet at your previous job and how did you meet that goal. (Speak about add-ons/increasing a sell)
  5. BE CONFIDENT! Ask Questions. For example: What’s the best seller bra (fragrance, pantie)? What has business been like in the last month (revenue)? What are the expectation ending the 3rd quarter and going into the 4th quarter?(The 4th quarter Nov-Jan is the busies quarter in retail). How profitable are the 7 for 25  pantie sales? What are the expectation for sale associate?

To read Victoria Secret financial report visit L Brands.

Learn more about Victoria’s Secret: HIRING EVENT.


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